1. Purchasing "Artwork" time does NOT include Artwork CREATION. We will only "create" artwork from scratch, IF YOU NEED "NEW" ARTWORK. YOU MUST BUY 3 HOUR RETAINER. Any left over hours, will be refunded.

2. Purchasing "Artwork" time will buy you modification of ALREADY EXISTING ARTWORK to either fit our print "templates", create print ready art or to do light touch-up work on existing artwork.

3. Each 60 Min. "Artwork" time purchased will come with modification. Additional Modification may incur an ADDITIONAL artwork time fee. 

4. Your order WILL NOT PRINT unless all "Artwork" fee(s) are paid in full. 

5. Each "Artwork" fee is equal to 60 min. of work time.

6. Also, depending on the scope of the project it is possible that we will bill separately for artwork charges, or in conjunction with the principle project. 


Artwork Fees - Will Buy 60 Minutes Of Art Time (SEE DESCRIPTION)

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